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THE 21st century is predicted to bring changes to the world's economy and culture
which is hence feared to affect local languages and culture, including that of
Pekal language. To avoid it from happening, a research on Pekal language is
carried out in this article. It aims at describing the Pekal language's deictic
persona, time, place, and discourse used by its speakers in the Districts of Ketahun
and Napalputih, the North Bengkulu Regency. It used descriptive qualitative
method. The data were collected using listening and speaking method with
stimulating, writing, and recording techniques. The result showed that the deictic
form of the first person singular is akui while those of the plural are aok, kami/
kaming, and kitung 'we'; the deictic forms of second person singular are ikau,
aban/kaban, and mamang, while those of the second person plural are kami
siko and masiko 'you all'; the third person singular deictic are iyu/iyung 'he/she',
-yung and ikau, while the third person plural deictic are masiko, asiko, and
toboh de. Deictic of time were petang 'yesterday', kining 'now', tading 'just now',
paging 'tomorrow', siang, metang 'afternoon', senju 'evening', malam, biae 'have
been to', awit/garang 'often', terus 'always', kadang kaleu 'sometimes', biasoyung
'usually', kining 'at present', kalu 'if', dan bilu 'when'. the deictic of discourse are
words/phrases such as iko, itu/tunah, cak iko/cak konah, nyo, yung, cak itu.
Among the deictic of person, only the third person that could be marked as
anaphoric or cataphoric. The anaphoric deictic was divided into two entities,
namely singular (-yung, e) and plural (-masiko 'you', toboh tui 'they')


pragmatics, deictic, Pekal language

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